If there was one word I could use to describe what our congregation experienced as a result of your presentation this past Sunday, it would be ‘delight.’ Brother, it was simply delightful to have you among us, and delightful to hear and internalize the message of Philippians through you. Your recitation and reenactment of the words and emotions of this epistle were both beautiful and poignant. It was outstanding; and those who had the privilege of hearing your presentation were encouraged in the Lord, to say the least.
— Dr. Christopher A. Richardson, Ph.D., Christ Our King Anglican Church
I want to thank you for the absolutely outstanding presentation you made at our church on Easter Sunday. Your three performances of “The Philippians” were seen by more than one thousand people that day. I have heard nothing but the utmost praise from members of our congregation. You made this Easter a truly memorable one for members of our church... It truly captured the spirit of the Apostle Paul and the divine message in that beautiful letter.
— Dr. Pete K. Christy, Senior Pastor, The Church at Horseshoe Bay
Philip has performed as the Apostle Paul for several Senior Adult events and Lake Ivie Association meetings. We will certainly invite him to return. I promise that once you experience his performance you will never again read Paul’s writings in the same light. Philip brings the words of Paul to life in a unique way.
— J. Keith Simpson - Lake Ivie Association Director of Missions
On four occasions I have invited St. Paul Speaks to our church. During each presentation our congregation has experienced the truth that the Word of God is “living and active.” Philip has not only memorized Paul’s words, he has studied the Apostle and the context in which the letters were written. It is evident this has brought a personal transformation for Philip that will transform all those who have ears to hear.
— Pastor Daniel Crowther - Coryell Community Church
Your presentation is so inspiring and visually mesmerizing. We felt that we were intimately involved with Paul’s sharing his encouragement to Philippians for spiritual growth, by the way you engaged the audience.
— R & B
Philip’s portrayal of Paul was so very believable that Scripture came to life in a profound way. I am in awe of what Philip and Jolene have accomplished for God’s kingdom. I pray that in the years to come many more people will have the opportunity to experience this dramatic performance of scripture.
— LeRoy Nienow - Playwrite/Director/Actor, Austin, Texas
What you do is absolutely magnificent in every sense of the word. I had heard about you and was looking forward to seeing your performance scripture presentation.
— Rex Morache - Biblical World View Talkologist, Llano, Texas
We were truly touched by your performance and it has impacted my heart deeply. We were truly touched by your performance and it has impacted my heart deeply.
— Christine Stilwell, Texas Sweet Heat Jam Co., LLC