Phil Smith


When the Apostle Paul wrote his letters, only about five percent of the people could read. Originally, biblical writings were communicated orally. Believers memorized and recited or performed these texts. Today, this method of bringing the Bible to life is known as performance scripture.

As you experience this performance scripture you become a member of the first century church. Be blessed by this personal encounter as ST. PAUL SPEAKS his divinely inspired words of encouragement, edification and spiritual growth.

Philip Smith has been actively involved in performance scripture since 2010 and continues to bring the live stage presentation to churches of all denominations. He trained as a thespian and worked in the theater for decades. This project grew out of Smith's lifetime of experiences and passionate interests.

As the Apostle Paul, Smith brings the inspired and timeless message of compassion and love to the stage. He portrays the Apostle Paul while he is chained in a Roman prison, remembering and writing to his dear brothers and sisters in Christ. New life is breathed into the written word as audiences become members of the first century church. St. Paul speaks to you of the love, joy, hope and peace that come from a life lived for Christ.

The Gospel of God's Love


"God demonstrates His own love for us in this,
while we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

      During this dramatic presentation of THE GOSPEL OF GOD’S LOVE you will experience a personal encounter with Paul, imprisoned in Rome. 
      The themes of Paul’s public preaching are recorded for us in his letters. You will be blessed as ST PAUL SPEAKS about God’s great love for us from the letters he wrote to the churches in Rome, Ephesus and Corinth and to his friend Philemon.
       During this presentation you become a dearly loved member of the First Century Church as you hear Paul’s message proclaiming the Good News that salvation comes by Grace alone through Faith alone in Christ alone.



"Rejoice in the Lord always; I will say it again, rejoice!"

      In this dramatic presentation of “PHILIPPIANS” the Apostle Paul, imprisoned in Rome, shares with you the joyful letter he has written to his dear friends in Philippi. Even though Paul faces possible execution for his faith, he remains joyful and encourages us to have the same joy no matter what our circumstances. This joy comes from knowing Christ and depending on His strength rather than our own.
      From practical advice encouraging unity in the church to unprecedented insight into the glorious nature of Christ, Paul gives us divine revelation that edifies and teaches us even today.

Paul's Letter to Philemon


"I appeal to you on the basis of love"

St. Paul speaks to his friend Philemon, asking him to forgive and restore his runaway slave. This tender letter serves as an illustration of how our behavior should model the grace and mercy of God.


"Christ is the visible image of the unseen God"

      While imprisoned in Rome, Paul is inspired by the Holy Spirit to write letters of encouragement and instruction to many of the early churches.
      Deceptive doctrines were being taught in the Colossian church. Paul writes to correct this false teaching, warning that following this heresy will result in bondage but following Christ brings freedom.  
      Paul challenges us to look solely to the divinity of Jesus Christ and presents Jesus as the Son of God, Creator of the universe. Paul emphasizes the importance of the cross: Jesus is Savior, and only by His Blood are we saved.


     In this dramatic presentation of “GALATIANS,” Paul shares with you the powerful response he is preparing to send to the churches in Galatia. Paul is distressed because false teachers have infiltrated these churches, casting doubt on Paul’s authority and claiming that Gentile believers must follow Jewish laws.
      Paul writes this letter defending his apostleship and discrediting false teaching. He emphatically declares that our salvation comes through faith in the cross of Christ alone, not by obeying rituals and carrying out “right” behaviors.
      Galatians is a passionate defense of the Gospel against those who seek to add to it. Paul asserts that Jesus Christ is sufficient and that to add to the Gospel is to undermine it.