WHAT IF your church could have a personal encounter with the Apostle Paul?

St. Paul Speaks is the Performance Scripture Ministry of Philip Smith. Your congregation becomes the first century church as they see and hear the Apostle Paul deliver his letters to them with love and passion. Those who have seen Philip’s portrayal agree that they have experienced Scripture brought to life.

Philip is an accomplished actor saved by the grace of God. Since 2010 he has dedicated his talent and service to Jesus by bringing the letters of Paul the Apostle to life through Performance Scripture. These performances are theatrical presentations composed exclusively of Scripture. Each performance is complete with set, costume and lighting.

Philip performs Philippians, Colossians, Galatians and “The Gospel of God’s Love,” which is compiled from several of Paul’s letters. All are 30 minute presentations. He has performed for a wide variety of events including Sunday Services, banquets, Bible Studies and Senior and Youth activities. 

References are available upon request.